Despiteful Usage (hidden in hearts of the religious/government)
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2006-07-04 04:46:16 UTC
Despiteful Usage is when someone (government, skeeming woman/man etc)
knows the "true intentions of the heart" of another (such as the
rainbow folks) but allows the misinterpretation to go forward in order
to use the law against the wildheart/ bridegroom. www.stephentree.com

For you see the reason society exists the way it does is because the
sins (separation intentions) hidden in the hearts of the "right people"

(Church people, government, harlot that does not love the husband) is
that they use the law and foster misinterpretation in order to gain
advantage. Such as the time a woman knew exactly the "true intention of

my heart" even before marriage but when in court she allowed the biases

of the "right people" to convict me knowing that their interpretation
was never the intention of my heart. Now the biases will be revealed to

be a veil of interpretation given to society by MONEY in order to
justify what it does. Get ready for the wild ride!

Wonder I give you, not facts as the world gives. For the smallest of
points not factored into the fact changes the whole equation and
renders all interpretations meaningless. Wonder is the kingdom of
heaven, interpretatons lead to a hell.
2006-07-10 04:51:15 UTC
Further intinidation documented and placed here..

You have disrespected my family and most importantly you have
disrespected the Spirit
(Read the story before you again misinterpret because of hate)
To misinterpret on purpose is a sign of hate.

All my life I have sought to understand the spirit that Jesus
understood and found that being despitefully used follows those that
seek the spirit and is an aspect of those that love interpretation more
than they love their children.
Through such experiences I had learned to let go of certain people (the
energy does not feel respectful) but when family and loved ones could
not recognize such people and then were being used I joined them in a
place I normally would not be to help them see the intent in those
offending. And then when these people saw that I KNEW THE TRUE
INTENTION OF THEIR HEART they began to want to make me look like the
BAD GUY. And that was where unless you leave the struggle you will be
forever in such company. And in doing so they unknowingly revealed
their hearts to my loved ones.

For first I said this " "
And those that hated me before they met me misinterpreted it as this
" "
And then the mob chose to believe the misunderstanding and ran with all
the ideas spun from the lie. (Religion)

You see you can disrespect jesus and even what you call god, but if
someone comes in the name of the THIS SPIRIT and you disrespect THIS
Spirit, you may not be forgiven and that person will bind you with that
Spirit and say Depart from Me, I never knew you.
Once there was a man that intimidated his ex-wife and told her (in
order to control her by fear) that he would put her at the bottom of a
lake in her car. I told her (as the synchronicity had indicated) that
she did not have to fear him and that anything that he tried against me
would be done to him by the spirit. The next evening I was keeping her
company in the store in the small town of Munson and this man (300+
pound into wrestling) came in and decided to attack me. I was almost
laughing as the synchs had put me in such a mood and he grabbed my arm
but I was able to easily elude his intent. Others asked if he had hurt
me and I told them no but that his arm would be broken. That very day
he was at a truck stop and fell over cables breaking that arm. From
that day on he respected the spirit and me.

Likewise all those that believe the interpretation and threaten the
least of their neighbors are in danger of the judgment. Therefore it is
written "do not judge, lest YOU be judged".

Like the moment that all those memories and pain and rejection returned
when "it seemed" that MisterLady was not true in her intention and
"it seemed" that she was transferring blame in order to leave
without having to pay others back. (This of course may not be the case,
all of the symptoms may be that she has a gambling problem and is
hiding from it, but this is no reason to hide from me.) But those that
hated me before they ever sought to actually know my true intenttook
this and made it look as though I was judging her because I was trying
to figure out her intent. YOU SEE, THAT IS WHAT THEY WOULD BE DOING,
BUT THAT WAS NOT WHAT I WAS DOING. But they wanted everyone (Public
Opinion) to see it the way they interpreted. Therefore we will let the
spirit decide who has judged and who has been used.

Get ready for the wild ride!

Pam and I were in Iselton last night in a Pub when we overheard two men
talking about respect. (As the spirit was talking to me about the
coming Love, Humility, and Respect that is coming.) And on the TV they
saw this synch as the spirit speaking about what is needed in order to
go forward.

The Earth is being deceitfully used
Story of the Giving Tree
Melded with my experience with those despitefully using me.
Pissed is now a spiritual passion and the intention alone will create
great change.

Those born of the will of man will now collide with those born of
spirit and will change. Tree born of flesh (You and I collide) collides
with tree born of spirit. They never knew him. (Though they judge him
and have put him to death continually) Nor have they wanted to know the
true intention of their neighbors heart. Those convicted each day by

The Spirit has taken Pam and I through this experience several times
with such people that we might express these things. For another
intimidator the moment he met me after asking Pam for 1200.00 dollars
got very indignant when I asked for a receipt /letter showing where the
money was to go. You see this man knows I know the intent of his heart
and he takes every word I say and misinterprets it because he hates me.
(That is why those in religion are in great danger.) And later this
person gave the RV to Pam but with another sellers name. (Knowing that
I would check things out) And when I went to check with the other
seller the man called the intimidator and told him that I had indeed
called and this was used as an opportunity to make me look like the bad
guy (screaming like I was not to have called the actual seller for
following this procedure before transferring the title.) For this man
was set on making every situation a fight and in dominating my family
through intimidation. (this happened July 4th when North Korea was
intimidating America) Because of the misconceptions Pam and I felt that
the energy was muddied and to let go of the RV. This man no longer is a
part of my reality and I have shown my family how to see his true
intention and hate. This was the respect I had asked the spirit for in
my home. So I thank the intimidator for his contribution.

Those that Hate me and the spirit will INTENTIONALLY MISINTERPRET THIS
TO THEIR OWN DEMISE rather than seek the true intent from the spirit.
And that is exactly why religion will be exposed for they did that to
him who went before me.

Also those wanting others to believe I hate women have propagated this
misinterpretation when it was only men/women with intent such as they
have that I was speaking of. For my best friend being a woman was
treated in the same way from such as they.

Snakes love misinterpretation!
For their father said "no, you will not die for believing in EVIL, as
well as good but you will be like the Gods"
Your moments in wonder will reveal the true intentions of my heart. The
smallest of points overlooked will soon altar everything and render all
the interpretations meaningless. http://stephentree.com (Gambling with
money not their own) Synch